TAYLOR LUXURY TRAVEL’s collaborative process for clients is based on “the WHY” behind your trip. Your next vacation should be seamless, and we love lining up the details to make it so.  From the view, to personal connections you make while in destination, to the 3-star Michelin culinary experience that changes your life (it can happen!).

TAYLOR LUXURY TRAVEL’s goal is to become your most trusted travel planning partner to maximize your travel experience.

5 Step Planning Process


A FREE consultation to uncover the spark behind your next travel adventure, along with an idea about where you’d like to go. During this call, you decide if the services we offer are a right fit for you.


Like any professional services firm, we charge a professional planning fee based on the complexity of your trip:  length of stay, complexity of itinerary, number of travelers, and any additional requirements. Once approved, we deliver a custom travel proposal within one week or less that outlines a personalized experience suited to your travel style and goals.


We create your digital (web + app) itinerary along with a printed version (if desired) housing all the details in one place for easy access. We fully expect to run a few rounds of revisions over the course of 10-14 days to make it perfectly suited to your vision. We then book your trip, and work directly with our international network of insiders and tastemakers to take things to the next level through upgrades, unique planned experiences, and built-in surprises throughout your journey. We will keep in contact with you up until your day of departure, sharing destination insights, ideas, and inspiration as you build up the excitement for take-off.


You begin your trip accompanied by your trip itinerary and checklist outlining every stop, every phone number, every confirmation number, every experience, and every “extra” along the way so you are well-prepared and taken care of. TAYLOR LUXURY TRAVEL is here to support you when you need us to make sure everything goes smoothly while on your trip.


After you return rested and relaxed, we will check in to discover the highlights. We want to learn about what you liked and were inspired by, so it’s even better on the next vacation for you and others.


Sometimes you just want to simply book a hotel and don’t need travel planning assistance to customize a full itinerary. For access to Virtuoso Hotels and Resorts with all the exclusive VIP amenities at no additional cost, you may use my hotel booking tool.